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Between Silence and Light

Conceived and choreographed by Yen Lu Wong in collaboration with Wendy Brawer (visuals), Jim Doney, Fred West (music), and members of the Seattle visual and performing arts community.

Between Silence and Light II continues that tradition of performance which takes place in public squares, in front of the church, in the market place, in parks and plazas, and in sacred places. We seek ceremonials for our time.

Here, where sky meets water, earth and mountain, amidst train tracks, grain elevators, and berthed warships, we reach towards that which joins us as humans, and joins humanity to the world around us. Yin and Yang. The Dance of Shiva - the Destroyer and the Preserver.

Preparation - Consecrating the Space

Procession - Laying to rest those unforgotten Spirits of the dead

Yuku - To Depart - On that Day At that Moment The Living Shall Envy the Dead

A red dragonfly flew past and settled on a fence just before me. I stood up, cap in hand, and reached out to catch it...at that moment...
- Fukuhara Eiji of Sanyo Junior High School, Hiroshima

For evacuation to the country, four of us, father, mother, sister and I went to Hiroshima railway station to catch the 7:30 train. For some reason it did not come. Father was leaning against a pillar, reading the paper. I looked at the clock. It was 8:13. I was tired and went to lean against my father's knee...
-Harada Hiroshi, kpupil of Hiroshima University - attached Elementary School

That morning, I was on my way to go fishing. As I went down Taisho-bashi (bridge), if flashed, PIKa!! with a terrific blast. I came to myself in the water...
-Ishida Tomizo, Danbara Elementary schoolboy, Hiroshima

I am becoming death, the shatterer of worlds

Duck and Cover -An Instruction Manual

Repise - On that Day At that Moment

Tsukuru - To Build

Five Elements and Four Directions
The Eternal Knot
The New Home
The Source of New Need

The Artists:

Yen Lu Wong has created large-scale works in many cities of the world. Between Silence and Light II, a three day dance event, which took place in several historical locations in Sydney, Australia was described by Jill Sykes of the "Sydney Herald" as "an extraordinary dance event, both a revelation and a celebration involving hundreds of people in public places that will never seem the same to them again." She is Co-Director of TNR: The New Repertory, a performance ensemble now based in Los Angeles, and is an Associate Professor at the University of Southern California.

Wendy Brawer is a ten year Seattle resident. Her main art form is mixed media sculpture, incorporating elements from insulation and other industrial sources. She often collaborates with artists and would like freedom from the fear of atomic war.

Jim Doney, percussionist and composer, has for many years been absorbing rhythms from a wide range of cultural traditions and applying them in new ways. He has been performing actively in the NOrthwest for 12 years with various groups including Obrador, the Collaborative Arts Quartet, Scott Cossu, and Jeffrey Morgan.

Fred West graduated with a degree in Music Composition from Western Washington State University. He has taught, composed, and accompanied for a variety of dance companies and schools including Bill Evans, On the Boards Dance, and Danceworks. He currently directs two choruses through the Experimental College and sings with a repertory groupm the Quartz set.

About On The Boards:

On The Boards is a not-for-profit arts sponsoring organization. This performance is the culmination of an artist residency with Yen Lu Wong and the result of a collaboration between herself and the other artists involved. On The Boards operates the Washington Hall Performance Gallery, where our offices are located; produces Choreography, etc., A Second Series and the New Performance Series; facilitates performances through the Artist Access Program; sponsors artist workshops; and is the home of Kinetics Company. Dancer and choreographer Mark Morris and theater artist Ruth Maleczech will be in residence in July. On The Boards 1982-83 New Performance Series will include: Oberlin Dance Collective, Norman Durkee, Robert Wilson, Spiderwoman Theater, Laura Dean Dancers and Musicians, and The Kitchen Tours.