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The term  “Good Ancestors” originated from my informal conversations with Dr Jonas Salk who often used these words (further expanded and clarified in his book, “The Survival of the Wisest”).

My personal association with Dr Salk began when he not only gave me permission, but also personally championed the creation of  my signature dance-theatre work, “Golden Mountain” at the Salk Institute, LaJolla, CA 1977. This initial friendship eventually grew to include our spouses: his wife, Mme. Francoise Gilot (with whom I collaborated on my work, Shime. Mme Gilot was the Scenographer and created the masks and robes for the work) ; and my late husband, Dr. Herbert Shore. Impromptu, lively and far ranging conversations, formal events, stimulating artistic and scientific forums, lively music, dance, and brilliant times. Martha Graham’s admonishment to me when I began my artistic journey, “ You must listen to the footsteps of your own ancestors”, has been followed by Salk”s  "Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors."


Multi-facets and layers form a person’s pathway to being a “Good Ancestor”:
The following are some strands towards weaving this tapestry:

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