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October 16, 1985 P.2

Support Talented, Deserving Asian American Artists

To the Editor:

ln the midst of protest, boycott, media coverage, and litigation surrounding the film, “The Year of The Dragon”, l would like to suggest that we channel this upsurge of energy into something positive-namely, supporting productions of film, live stage performances in theatre and dance, the visual arts and literature that give a varied and diversely truthful picture of the lives of Chinese Americans.

Chinese Americans are starving to see an image of themselves in public. “The Year of the Dragon” can only have the kind of effect it has had because it is the ONLY picture about Chinese Americans in such a long time. lf there were ten movies on the market today dealing with Chinese or Asian Pacific Americans, Michael Cimino's effect would be but ONE in TEN. ln this way, Wayne Wang would be relieved from being the only visible Chinese American film-maker.

There are many talented and deserving Asian Pacific American artists who need the support of the Chinese American community to make their works a reality. Chinese American artists, like Chinese Americans entering politics can benefit the entire community because they create public images.

It is better that we define who we are and create our own images than to be coerced into believing what others have created for us.

If we do not support our own artists, no one will.

If we do not create our own images, others will...

Yen Lu Wong,
Artistic Director,
TNR Moebius
Los Angeles, CA USA